Nalini’s is run by a formidable mother-daughter duo who are passionate health food chefs determined to craft the future of contemporary Indian cuisine.

In today’s world with compromised gut health and so many allergies on the rise, it has become “normal” to feel bloated, dull, and constipated with a fuzzy focus and inability to concentrate for long periods of time.

We’re on a mission to change this through food! The spices used in our food are all about their medicinal value.

Our aim at Nalini’s is to go beyond just satisfying your hunger. We want our food to nourish you, your body, and your mind so that you can carry on doing what you do best feeling energised with razor sharp focus.

We want you to live your life with vigour and vitality, and we have been doing just that for the last three years – one wrap, one thali, and one burger at a time!

Does the thought of Indian food make you think of greasy curries and oily, spicy food?

Ever been to an Indian restaurant and felt heavy and bloated after your meal?

Well, we are changing that perception. Our mantra is

Unapologetically delicious, clean, fresh Indian food.

Our food is prepared in a home-cooked style, fresh everyday day with seasonal, local ingredients. Naturally, our food is entirely plant-based, wholesome, full of fibre, and high in protein to keep you fuller for a long period of time. It’s also full of probiotics to give your gut the TLC it needs!

Our Promise

Flavour-packed, nutrient-dense food is our promise.

If you like to eat food that is full of flavour, unpretentious, totally authentic, good for your body AND prepared home-style by people who absolutely love what they do and care about what goes into the meal, then you’re in for a treat!

Traditional Indian food is prepared according to a concept called Ayurveda (“are-you-veda”), an ancient Indian system of healing where food is regarded as medicine. It places a very high importance on acknowledging that we are all different and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Pretty impressive for a system over 5000 years old!

We will not compromise flavours for health or vice-versa. We believe it is possible to make food taste absolutely delicious by conscious use of the right combination of spices. Indian cuisine was never intended to be what it has become today. Traditional, authentic Indian cuisine has always been about balance of flavors and letting the vegetables be the star of the dish rather than the chilies and spices.