ayurvedic food for
body, mind and soul


ayurvedic food for
body, mind and soul

2x award-winning health food restaurant!

Nalinis - Plant based


Nalinis - Gluten free


Nalinis - Ayurvedic


Nalinis - Probiotic



263 Bronte Road

Wed – Sun

12 pm – 9 pm

9387 4942


42 Hall Street

7 days

12 pm – 10 pm



Nalini’s is run by a formidable mother-daughter duo who are passionate health food chefs determined to craft the future of contemporary Indian cuisine. Our food is prepared in a home-cooked style, fresh everyday day with seasonal, local ingredients.

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Can’t think of anything better than a beautifully spiced mixed veg korma to tuck into on dreary wet and cold nights like tonight. ⠀⠀
Our Bondi Beach store is open tonight. Call us ahead 📞 and place your order or come in and tuck into it with a side of fresh garlic naan 🤤
Indian style San Choy Bao with warm chickpeas, seasonal veggies, mint coriander chutney and crispy noodles goodness all wrapped up in a lettuce leaf 🤤
When salads tick the flavour, crunch box 🙌
As we favour more warming foods in this season like Curries and  soups, we love this cooked salad as it is much easier to digest 🥗

Double tap if you’re a warm salad lover 💖
✨Hello Nalinis, I’m delighted to meet you all. My name is Prana - meaning life force or vital breath in Sanskrit ✨
My parents and my grandma Nalini say I took their breath away the moment I came into this world 💓
I look forward to meeting you all at some point and try this thing called dosa which everyone keeps talking about! ⠀⠀
Until then I’ll be enjoying cuddles with grandma Nalini 👵 💖
“The single greatest predictor of a healthy gut microbiome is the diversity of plants in one’s diet” Truth bombs by @theguthealthmd 💣 💥 ⠀⠀
In his book Fiber Fueled, Dr Will leading gastroenterologist talks about (and that too in plain non jargon, non science-y way just like a really smart friend would talk to you) how simply counting fiber or taking Metamucil is not enough to ensure a happy, healthy gut. ⠀⠀
He found how consuming 30 different plants in a week was one of the greatest predictors of gut microbial diversity.
What this means is whether you self-identify as “vegan,” “vegetar- ian,” or “omnivore”, it doesn’t matter - Why? Because, you can be a junk food vegan and eat very few plants and you can eat a Paleo diet that emphasizes plant-based diversity, and this can actually be a healthy diet with the proper modifications. It all comes back to diversity of plants. ⠀⠀
Our aim when we started Nalinis 5 years ago was to combine what was then known about gut health and probiotics with traditional eastern wisdom (Ayurveda) and present it in a fun and tasty way for people to enjoy. ⠀⠀
“Eat more vegetables” is a fundamental Ayurvedic/Yogic principle for living a sattvic way of life (meaning living a life that is pure, vital, clean, conscious) ⠀⠀
🧬🧪Personally we love it when the two seemingly mutually exclusive branches Modern science and traditional wisdom can combine together and offer a more holistic approach to living.
Dr Will’s book Fiber Fueled has just launched and you can head to the link in his profile to buy a copy of his book. If like us you like to nerd out on science and research but in a cool non science-y way, we Couldn’t 👏 recommend 👏 the book 👏 highly 👏 enough 👏
Excited to have our staff back on board soon 🙌
As most of our staff are international students who haven’t been eligible for any government assistance, it has been an awfully hard time for them trying to pay their dues and uni fees as we’ve had to cut down on shifts 💔
We’re looking forward to be serving you all again as it means that we can employ (slowly) more of our staff.
Oh and trust us, they’re waiting to serve you too! 
A determined, hard working bunch, these guys normally work 2-3 different jobs and always say how nice it is to work at Nalinis and how lovely it is to talk to our customers 💖
As you dine with us from Friday, pls take a moment to say a quick hello to our gorgeous staff. ⠀⠀
It will totally make their day 💖🥰
🎊 Super stoked to be back open for dine in from Friday 🎊 ⠀⠀
Kerala coconut prawns 🍤 🥥 ⠀⠀
Indian food is so steeped in history with influences from Portuguese, British, Mughal (Muslim), Ayurvedic cuisines. ⠀⠀
This Kerala prawn is our plant based version of a coastal prawn dish with tropical spices, generous lashings of coconut and served with a chilli plant based mayo 🤤
If the pre Indian independence rulers from Portugal wanted a cleaner and plant based version of their favourite prawn dish, this would be it 😉
Time travel to India with this starter 🇮🇳 ⠀⠀
Available at both Bronte and Bondi Beach locations 🤗